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The cash crops we are focused on are Soyabeans, Maize, Groundnuts, Sorghum, Cowpeas and Rice. Our business model, for crop production, is to plant and harvest all year round. This translates to 3 cycles a year; one rainy season (“Wet”) and two dry seasons (“Dry”).

Through a network of buying agents, warehouse and storage facilities, we trades both domestically and internationally (export) on a variety of agro-commodities.

We have executed a processing facility long lease agreement with some organizations that grants us use of the Oil Seeds processing facility. The plant has a processing capacity of 30MT per day, and also has a processing line for animal feed which has a processing capacity of 40MT per day. The Oil Mill has the capability to process Soya Beans, Groundnut and Sesame Seeds. Though the current focus is processing Soya Beans into Crude Oil for onward sales to larger Mills that will further refine.

We have also secured a production lease agreement with a rice mill in Bauchi. The milling capacity of the mill is 20MT per day.

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